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Be a part of the Landmark Center!


1. By Becoming a Member


Membership entitles you to a vote at our annual meeting, discounts on some events and services offered by Landmark, access to our library and the satisfaction that you support our facility and see value in the programs we offer to our communities. 


  • Student Membership: $10.00 annually

  • Individual Membership: $20.00 annually

  • Couple's Membership: $30.00 annually

  • Family Membership: $40.00 annually

  • Business Sponsorship: $100.00 annually



2. Volunteering


If you are interested in becoming involved with the Landmark Center just let us know what you are interested in.

We can discuss what areas would be a good fit for your talents.



3. Contributions


We appriciatie all sorts of contributions. Financial areas of contributions include:

  • Contributing to the daily operations

  • Contributing to the Landmark Center's Endowment Fund

  • Contributing to the Caryl Lewis Arts and Music Fund to further the art & music progrms.

  • Contributing to a memorial in a person(s) of your choice




Our current strategic initiative is to raise $50,000

for the purpose of expanding our effectiveness in the community.


  1. Additional new programs for children and adults.

  2. Providing an emergency exit stairway for the second floor.

  3. Remodeling our garage to become a workshop for activities like wood crafting, ceramics or metal arts.

  4. Adding a second upstairs bathrom for overnight guests.

  5. Updating our history museum.

  6. Adding laundry equipment.

  7. Adding a cable TV service and flat screen TV.

  8. Start an endowment for the Future Growth of the Henning Landmark Center.


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